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Wind Turbine, China Wind Turbine

Wind turbine is a device that converts kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical energy. Wind turbines are used for applications such as battery charging or auxiliary power on sailing boats; while large grid-connected arrays of turbines are becoming an increasingly large source of commercial electric power.

Wind turbine can runs a small efficient refrigerator, stereo, computer, lights and TV. washing machine or even power tools. you can choose grid tied wind turbine connected the grid

We can help you to design the specific wind turbine according to your specific requirements in terms of installation conditions, geography and installation capacity.

Off Grid Wind Turbine

Model Wind turbine  Tower Controller Inverter
CNCR-400W 400W 12V Guy Cable 6m PWM CBU600W
CNCR-600W 600W 24V Guy Cable 6m PWM CBU1000W
CNCR-1KW 1KW 48V Guy Cable 6m PWM CNCF2KVA
CNCR-2KW 2KW 120V Guy Cable 9m PWM CNCF3KVA
CNCR-3KW 3KW 120V Guy Cable 9m PWM CNCF5KVA
CNCR-5KW 5KW 240V Guy Cable 12m PWM CNCF10KVA


Wind  Solar Hybrid System

Model Wind turbine  Tower Solar panel Controller Inverter
CNCRH-400W 400W 12V Guy Cable 6m 1*200W PWM CBU600W
CNCRH-600W 600W 24V Guy Cable 6m 2*150W PWM CBU1000W
CNCRH-1KW 1KW 48V Guy Cable 6m 2*150W PWM CNCF2KVA
CNCRH-2KW 2KW 120V Guy Cable 9m 4*150W PWM CNCF3KVA


Grid Tied Wind System(Variable Pitch)

Model Wind turbine  Tower Controller Inverter
CNCY-2KW 2KW 240V Pole 2m On grid 2KW On grid 3KW
CNCY-5KW 5KW 240V Pole 8m On grid 6KW On grid 5KW
CNCY-10KW 10KW 300V Pole 10m On grid 10KW On grid 10KW
CNCY-20KW 20KW 48V Pole 15m On grid 6KW On grid 5KW
CNCY-30KW 30KW 540V Pole 15m On grid 30KW On grid 30KW

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