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Wind Turbine, 10KW Grid Tie Wind Turbine - China Solar Panel

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Product detail

  • Product Name:

    Wind Turbine, 10KW Grid Tie Wind Turbine

  • Model No: AH-10KW


Wind Turbine, 10KW Grid Tie Wind Turbine Feature

1. The centrifugal pitch controlled mechanism of Wind turbine adjusts blade pitch following wind rotor rotating speed, and keep wind turbine at rated rotating speed. The wind turbine has a stable output power and safe running and is maintenance free. Wind rotor never goes to over speed even encounter to variable wind speed and strong gale.
2. Low wind speed start up, pitch regulation, safe system
3. Optimum aerodynamic shape design: high efficiency, low noise.
4. Centrifugal pitch controlled mechanism: 2m/s low wind speed startup; 3-12m/s wind speed, following wind rotor rotate speed to adjust blade angle at optimum TSR, run in high efficiency; over rated wind speed, wind rotor never goes to over speed and has stable control; 3-25m/s wind speed, wind turbine can run smoothly.
5. Direct drive permanent magnet generator, low startup resistance moment, constant running ability of over loading 1.5 times, maintenance free for more than 30000 hour.
6. Safety control: Have aerodynamic brake, electric magnet brake, mechanical brake and manual stop mechanism. Adjust blade tip angle automatically at negative value when encountering strong typhoon and the blade at stalled condition and meanwhile wind rotor rotating speed was controlled and reduced.
7. Sealed slip ring, no cable twist; Carbon brush and slip ring clean; good conductivity of electricity.
8. Streamline design, and good appearance
9. Long acting anticorrosive treats, no corrosion in 15years.

Wind Turbine, 10KW Grid Tie Wind Turbine Specification

Model             AH-10KW
Rotor meter(m)        7.6
Blade material and quantity  Reinforced fibber glass*3
Rated wind speed(m/s)     11
Rated rotating speed(r/min)  220
Startup wind speed(m/s)    2.5
Working wind speed(m/s)    3-30
Survived wind speed(m/s)   60
Working Voltage(V)      DC500
Speed regulation method    Pitch controlled
Stop method          Manual brake
Generator style        Permanent magnet,three phase,AC
Grid tie controller      SMA wind boy protection box/600V *2pcs
Grid tie inverter       SMA WB6000 *2pcs

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