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TOP 10 hot Solar News of PV Industry

TOP 10 hot Solar News of PV Industry

PV-Tech 2009, selected the top ten hot news, the relevant Forth First Solar (First Solar) is still news in this year the focus of the reader. However, careful selection of the top ten this year, Google Analytics hot news on the statistical results, the Forth name of the first solar energy only in two of the news. Meanwhile, two reports published by market research firm CTR obtained also ranked high. In addition, the majority of electricity price subsidies on national news are also very welcomed by readers.

Earlier this year, market research firm iSuppli the global PV market this year the company made a bold prediction, said the new equipment installed capacity will reach 13.6GW. Because this figure is 09 nearly twice the amount of actual installation, so this news climb ranks tenth annual hot news. In the following nearly a year, iSuppli forecasts continue to make changes to their, and has recently adjusted the figures to 15.8GW, and while the market in 2011 made a 19.3GW forecast.

Ranked ninth in the rankings from iSuppli’s another article reports, which detailed the components of photovoltaic products, price trends. Overall, the review a few months ago the various predictions made by various companies to see if it is consistent with the facts, is a very fun thing.

Another ranking among the top ten market research company Solarbuzz, ranked eighth. The company had forecast year, to 2014, the U.S. PV market size will expand tenfold. After that, other kinds of reports are beginning to pay attention in recent years, the maturing of the North American market, but so far, the market has yet to have any dramatic moves.

Earlier this year, season, on the German government proposed the new tariff subsidies to adjust to the news has become a focus of attention. At that time, the relevant information from various sources has reached the point where updated hourly. When the formal announcement of official sources, PV-Tech Web site FiT dossier reporter Emma Hughes (Emma Hughes) is to be the first time on the detailed report. The report also list hot news this year ranked seventh.

The sixth is about UniSolar news. UniSolar manufacturing companies in the film flexible solar panel can be regarded as a founding father, a few from time to time to publish the latest news, to keep synchronized with the development of the industry. However, the company went through a difficult period in the post, PV-Tech for a road map on its latest technology article heart sound great attention of readers, and received many comments, some of which even the not very friendly!

While the news focus on the fifth of Sharp’s achievements, but one of the first Forth used to compare the news coverage of solar energy has brought considerable CTR. PV market is becoming more competitive, while the rate of return shipments or rated power as an indicator of the ability of manufacturers to the ranking after another, and in the next few years to maintain this state. PV manufacturing industry was the leader of the Sharp Corporation, the company first by Q-Cell grab the limelight, followed by the first Forth solar industry first claimed the throne. However, the report pointed out that the performance of Sharp has once again signs of a rebound.

Fourth is another electricity price subsidies on the news. The news is still the PV-Tech’s FiT Emma reporters to write special reports, covering the British government formally announced its first tariff subsidy policies.

This press release in February than the PV-Tech and other reports published over the same period have impact. With the announcement of the tariff subsidy policy on the news, and the growth potential of the UK market, we press team will focus on the UK PV market a website, Solar Power Portal UK, conducted a re-revision. Further, this industry has made two major issues related to the form of tickets were sold out in the meeting, one of which is held by the PV-Tech.

In 2010, the Forth in the production of the first cost of solar has been leading the entire industry, therefore, PV-Tech to its quarterly financial conference call conducted by real-time news coverage has also become a strong player, jumping to third place ranking. The news articles on solar energy in the end of the first season of Fox announced that its production costs have dropped to 76 per watt to U.S. time-released.

In the Forbes second news from the industry, a rising star. The report is based on the PV-Tech in June this year during the exhibition in Munich solar Samsung (Samsung), head of photovoltaic exclusive video interviews and writing. If the reported traffic-related video interviews can be considered to come in, the news will be the most popular articles in 2010.

Surprisingly, the ranking is not the first news reports on the Forth First Solar, but the message from the film market on the other hand. Applied Materials (Applied Materials), with its stable amorphous silicon integrated equipment business news ranking first in 2010.

Although there is no confirmation that Applied Materials company’s SunFab technology “flawed”, but there is no doubt that once the release of such reports, will immediately sought after by readers.

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