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The photovoltaic emerging products – micro-inverter

The photovoltaic emerging products – micro-inverter

The micro-inverter can be used with the structure of a single component, a separate track for each component of the maximum output power to achieve performance optimization. In addition, you can improve the shelter problem, improve the efficiency and reliability of PV systems. EnergyTrend estimates of micro-inverter up to 15% ~ 20% penetration in 2015.

View from the traditional solar inverter, the overall performance of the components of the array vulnerable to the impact of individual components, the shadow area increases down the overall performance; and difficult to manage the monitoring, arc discharge generated in the terminal, and thus damage equipment or damage resulting potential crisis. However, the use of micro-inverter system architecture can reduce the above-mentioned interference, because the performance of a single component of total, free from the effects of other components. Each component can maintain maximum power output to achieve performance optimization. But also because of the use of AC current output, Yi and grid parallel or direct supply of home. Subsidy policy will eventually exit costs will be an important factor in determining the future development of solar energy industry. Therefore, from a cost point of view, the micro-inverter can indirectly reduce the cost of installation and maintenance costs, thus reducing BOS costs, thereby reducing the cost of solar power energy.

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