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Solar Pump, Solar Water Pump

solar water pump


Solar Water Pump Features:

High efficiency & high reliability
Driven by PM.brushless DC Motor
Minimum maintenance .long life Swithout waching
Powered by PV/wind/battery
All the necessary production
Environment friendly materials,lubricate without oil

>>Automatic control:
Operate automatically & without watching
Protected from dry operation
Maximal Power Point Tracking(MPPT)
Intelligent management for battery charging & discharging

>>New technology:
Applications innovation
The DC PM brushless motor has increased its efficiency up to 25% in comparison with traditional small asynchronous motor 25% PV modules could be saved.

>>Technology Innovation (Patent)
Stator and rotor are sealed by environment friendly casting resin .The motor’s insulation resistance can be hold higher than 300MQ, for more than 10 years. It consumedly increased the security and reliability of the submersible motor.

>>Structure Novelty
Casting resin technology processed stator and rotor as well as the water lubricated bearing make the submersible pump environment friendly ( no even one glob oil),easy to install and more reliability.

How do The PV Solar Pumping system Work?

how do the solar pump workPV water pumping system has rapidly developed since last de cades, the economic advantage of which brings it into prominence .It use solar energy to pump the water from deep well, river, lake or ponds to provide human and animal drinking water and/or for irrigation.

PV water pumping system is the best solution for providing the human and animal drinking water as well as the water for farm irrigation, where there extending the main power grid is not economical. It needs only minimum maintenance, but holds high economy, reliability and environment advantages. The PV water pumping system works diligently and full automatically from sunrise up to sunset without earful. It is really an admirable co-worker of estancieros.

The PV water pumping system consists of a motor, a pump, a controller, a solar array and some accessories as shown in the picture.

According to user’s needs it can also be operated in cloudy days or even in the night by means of adding batteries and replacing a controller.

The PV water pumps are fitted to 4 inch (100mm) diameter shallow or deep well. It can also be used in river, lake or pond. The systems are equipped with automatic protection from the pipe blocking even frozen in winter.

All the system components are made by environment friendly materials and oil-less bearing. It is absolutely protected from water source polluting.

Solar Water Pump Specification:

1:SHP 24VDC/36VDC Water Pump

Type SHP0.76/30-24 SHP1.38/45-36
Operation Voltage 24V DC 36V DC
Rated Power 160W 210W
Max.Flow Rate 0.76M3/H 1.38 M3/H
Max.Head 30M 45M
Q=M3/H 0.76-0.68-0.57-0.4 1.38-1.16-1.00-0.55
H=M 1-10-20-30 1-20-30-45
Outlet Caliber 20mm 20mm
Pumps Diameter 76mm 76mm
Pumps Length 370mm 370mm
Weight 5.90Kg 5.90Kg
Protection Level IP68 IP68
Carton Size 600*200*160mm 600*200*160mm
20GP Contain Number 1100sets 1100sets


2:SHP 48VDC Water Pump

Type SHP4.36/30-48 SHP4.08/45-48 SHP2.54/65-48
Operation Voltage 48V DC 48V DC 48V DC
Rated Power 500W 500W 500W
Max.Flow Rate 4.36 M3/H 4.08 M3/H 2.54 M3/H
Max.Head 30M 45M 65M
Q=M3/H 4.36-3.85-2.55-0.6 4.08-3-2.6-0.6 2.54-1.3-1-0.3
H=M 1-10-20-30 1-20-30-45 1-45-50-65
Outlet Caliber 40MM 30MM 25MM
Pumps Diameter 94mm 94mm 94mm
Pumps Length 600mm 600mm 600mm
Weight IP68 IP68 IP68
Protection Level 8.1Kg 8.3Kg 8.5Kg
Carton Size 890*250*210mm 890*250*210mm 890*250*210mm
20GP Contain Number 520sets 520sets 520sets


3:SHP 110VDC Water Pump

Type SHP2.74/100-110 SHP4.56/80-110 SHP6.11/50-110 SHP7.37/35-110
Operation Voltage 110V DC 110V DC 110V DC 110V DC
Rated Power 1000W 1000W 1000W 1000W
Max.Flow Rate 2.74 M3/H 4.56 M3/H 6.11 M3/H 7.37 M3/H
Max.Head 100M 80M 50M 35M
Q=M3/H 2.74-2.12-1.72-0.67 4.56-3.32-2.42-0.87 6.11-4.91-3.60-1.98 7.37-6.62-4.23-2.72
H=M 1-50-70-100 1-40-60-80 1-20-40-50 1-10-28-35
Outlet Caliber 25mm 30mm 40mm 40mm
Pumps Diameter 94mm 94mm 94mm 94mm
Pumps Length 760mm 760mm 760mm 760mm
Weight 11.8Kg 11.6Kg 11.4Kg 11.2Kg
Protection Level IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Carton Size 800*150*120mm 800*150*120mm 800*150*120mm 800*150*120mm
20GP Contain Number 460sets 460sets 460sets 460sets


4:SHP 300VDC 2200W Water Pump

Type SHP2200/MA-07 SHP2200/DF-08 SHP2200/BF-13 SHP2200/VC-16 SHP2200/A-20 SHP2200/S-28
Operation Voltage 300V DC 300V DC 300V DC 300V DC 300V DC 300V DC
Rated Power 2200W 2200W 2200W 2200W 2200W 2200W
Max.Flow Rate 18 M3/H 10 M3/H 7 M3/H 5 M3/H 3 M3/H 1.8 M3/H
Max.Head 42M 44M 83M 100M 146M 229M
Q=M3/H 18-14-8 2011/9/6 2007/6/4 2005/4/3 3-2-1.5 2-1.3-0.6
H=M 10-20-30 20-35-45 40-55-75 60-85-100 100-140-160 130-200-230
Outlet Caliber 2G 2G 1″1/2G 1″1/2G 1″1/4G 1″1/4G
Pumps Diameter 94mm 94mm 94mm 94mm 94mm 94mm
Pumps Length 926mm 939mm 924mm 979mm 1039mm 1169mm
Weight 14.3Kg 14.58Kg 14.46Kg 15.04Kg 15.5Kg 16.82Kg
Protection Level IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68 IP68
Carton Size 1000*150*120mm 1000*150*120mm 1000*150*120mm 1000*150*120mm 1000*150*120mm 1300*150*120mm
20GP Load


Solar Panel Of Solar Water Pump

Model Power Type VMP IMP VOC ISC Size QTY
SHP24V 180W Poly 24.72V 7.28A 29.28V 8.12A 1480*990*35 1pcs
SHP36V 300w Mono 38.16V 7.28A 44.64V 8.53A 1950*990*50 1pcs
SHP48V 190W Poly 25.16V 7.56A 29.76V 8.46A 1480*990*35 4pcs
SHP110V 195W Mono 38.19V 5.11A 44.64V 5.64A 1580*808*35 6pcs
SHP300V 250W Mono 31.00V 7.95A 37.5V 8.75A 1650*990*50 10pcs


Controller of Solar Water Pump Specification:


SPC Controller Size:

Mode Dimensions(mm) Hole Position(mm) Hole Dia(mm) VolumeSize(mm)
SPC-180 218 174 125 94 200.5 6 218*174*109
SPC-180B 218 174 125 94 200.5 6 218*174*109
SPC-300 218 174 125 94 200.5 6 218*174*109
SPC-300B 218 174 125 94 200.5 6 218*174*109
SPC-750 218 174 125 94 200.5 6 218*174*109
SPC-750B 218 174 125 94 200.5 6 218*174*109
SPC-1200 218 174 125 94 270.5 6 288*174*109
SPC-2200 288 174 125 94 270.5 6 288*174*109


SPC Controller Technical Parameters Table:

Model Rated Power Operation Voltage Work Voltage Range Max Input Voltage Max Power Current Battery Voltage
SPC-180 180W 24V 18-30V 45V 8A
SPC-180B 180W 24V 18-30V 45V 8A 24V
SPC-300 300W 36V 32-38V 45V 9A
SPC-300B 300W 36V 32-38V 45V 9A 36V
SPC-750 750W 48V 46-56V 65V 14A
SPC-750B 750W 48V 46-56V 65V 14A 48V
SPC-1200 1200W 110V 105-120V 180V 12A
SPC-2200 2200W 300V 280-315V 380V 8A


SPC Controller Technical Sheet:

Model Operating temperature Protection grade Product Size Weight
SPC-180 -20℃~60℃ IP55 218*174*109mm 1.5kg
SPC-180B -20℃~60℃ IP55 218*174*109mm 1.5kg
SPC-300 -20℃~60℃ IP55 218*174*109mm 1.5kg
SPC-300B -20℃~60℃ IP55 218*174*109mm 1.5kg
SPC-750 -20℃~60℃ IP55 218*174*109mm 1.5kg
SPC-750B -20℃~60℃ IP55 218*174*109mm 1.5kg
SPC-1200 -20℃~60℃ IP55 288*174*109mm 2.0kg
SPC-2200 -20℃~60℃ IP55 288*174*109mm 2.0kg


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